:: APS Resources Pte Ltd

APS RESOURCES PTE LTD was incorporated to provide global sourcing service to all our customers, especially in Marine and Shipping Industry, in Malaysia and Singapore. Working closely with an established group of manufacturers across Europe and in China, the company has a ready network to provide or carter to any needs of our customers.

At the same time, APS Resources Pte Ltd also focuses in identifying niche products with good market potential. Upon spotting such products, the company will seek distribution rights from the manufacturers and import them back for local consumption.

APS Resources Pte Ltd has a group of dynamic individuals that have vast experience in Sales, Marketing and Sourcing residing in Singapore. The team is committed to continually improve quality management to meet our client’s needs.

APS Resources Pte Ltd is a sister company of APS Asia PDA Enterprise Pte Ltd and both companies are subsidiaries of K2 Development Holdings Pte Ltd.

:: APS Asia PDA Enterprise Pte Ltd

APS Asia PDA Enterprise Pte Ltd has been established to provide high strain dynamic testing on piles, Low strain integrity testing on piles and vibration & noise monitoring services. The firm is well supported by qualified and experienced staffs with proven track records in the field of pile design, analysis and testing. The potential for foundation testing work in the region had led to the establishment of the company. Over the past 10 years, the key partners of the company have been actively involved in a large number of significant foundation testing projects in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the major parts of Asia.

The company’s growth strategy is based on developing its initial business in Singapore where the pile testing industry had matured, before its entry into the developing nations in Asia where large scale construction and pile testing contracts are envisaged.

APS Asia PDA Enterprise Pte Ltd specializes in the following services:-
• High Strain Dynamic Testing
• Wave Equation Analysis of pile driving
• Low Strain Integrity Test
• Pile Instrumentation Work
• Vibration Monitoring Work
• Noise Monitoring Work
• Geotechnical / Structural Instrumentation Work

:: K2 Development Holdings Pte Ltd

K2 Development Holdings Pte Ltd has a group of companies with scope of business that includes general building construction, civil engineering works, structured steel work, site monitoring system and instrumentation, building material trading, property development and turnkey projects. Since its establishment, the group has undertaken and completed several public and private projects successfully.

With the diversification of businesses under the group, K2 Development Holdings Pte Ltd has broadened its business opportunities and earnings. Even though the market conditions and dynamic economic are ever changing, the group will continue to seek progress and provide more services and better products to both our customers and the market.


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